Body Review

We have been restoring bodies and Jeeps for the last fifteen years and over this period of time have had the pleasure of collecting a wealth of information and knowledge in Jeep restoration. We have had the opportunity to work with many, many different Jeep bodies over time and have been a part of improvement phases from different manufacturers over the years. Having become Canada's exclusive distributor for MD Juan products we are working directly with Rommel Juan on product improvements

and find that they have made tremendous progress. MD Juan should be credited for manufacturing parts for the restoration hobby that would otherwise not be available. Below are pictures that depict our recent findings while installing a Hotchkiss body that was purchased directly from Europe (for a lot more than an MD Juan body, not including the shipping). We are always striving to find the best product out there. This was not one of them. You are the judge: look at these pictures.

Rear inner wheel well corner is a seperate piece.
Hard to disguise to make it look more MB-like.
Fire wall brace is not square or rounded (hotchkiss brace).
Below the jerry can holder plate are
three (3) holes for the license plate light.
Cowl to firewall is a one piece metal like the FORD. Many holes in the firewall had to be drilled in since they were not present.
All groundstuds on the firewall are missing.
Holes for the airfilter brackets and fuel filter not present.
The side step is a seperate piece
from the front quarter panel.
The steering column bracket was not present.
One has to be bolted onto the dash whereas it should be riveted to the dash. The emergency brake handle hole had to be moved by 1/2 an inch to make it work.

Overall Review
We prefer to install MD Juan bodies.
Any questions or comments please reply via email.