This is the FV434 purchased from England
that we started out with January 2007.
After lots of grueling paperwork between 2 governments we managed to import into Canada.
It took us over a week to cut everything away that didn't look like a StuGIII.
We projected a StuGIII image onto plywood and traced it for measurements.
Out of 1/4" steel plate we started to fabricate the main hull which is bolted to the bottom hull.
Special thanks to Brian and all other helpers.
Engine was refitted to the back of the new StuGIII.
All panels are removable just like the original StuGIII, i.e. fenders, covers & cupola.
The engine cover was cut & installed with side vents.
Original FV434 Radiator was installed
on right side of engine bay.
Each engine vent cover took one day to fabricate.
Thanks to Peter & his Dad's lathe we
received great, heavy-duty hinges.
The mufflers are made & installed and the back is almost done.
Fake welds were made to imitate
the original heavy armor.
Driver Viewing Slit fabricated & bolted on.
Slide opening for main gun optic.
Hatch & shield for the machine gunner.
Access hatches for steering
& breaking mechanisms.
After 10 weeks of hard work we finished the metal fabrication of the outer shell
including the main gun. Now it's ready for sandblast, epoxy-prime & paint.
The K60 Rolls Royce engine with the Alliston automatic transmission was moved from front to back of vehicle and refitted. We had to make a new diesel fuel tank with filter & colling fans for the radiator.
Interior is fitted with 4 seats as the original StuG3 would have had.
A dummie gun moves up & down as well as sideways left & right.
Collapsible driver's seat with all controls.
Reassembled after the painting process & first time out.
A lot of attention was spent on detail to resemble an original StuGIII as close as possible.
As seen at the Battle Re-enactment weekend July 14 & 15, 2007 at Upper Canada Village in
Morrisburg, Ontario posing with the 15. Panzer Division & the 2. Panzer Division Re-enactment Unit.
First re-enactment outing April 2010 main gun works on oxygen/acetylene.
Ready for its new home in Texas, USA.
Drivers compartment: Ralf Schneider at the helm.
StuG III test firing on youtube:
(just click anywhere on link >>>)
We are looking for spare tracks from a FV434 or FV432, original German wire cutter or anything else pertainig to the StuGIII. If you can help or have comments please call or email us at Willys Acres,
ask for Markus: or 705-835-5739.
Our next winter project is a PanzerIII so we're looking for another FV432 or FV434
and pictures from an original PanzerIII, website as well as inside shots.
Special thanks to the websites of in Finland &
the Jack Littlefield collection at
for providing excellent resource information.

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