Open House Gallery

We would like to thank each and everyone for coming to our 2008 open house. It was quite the day and in spite of the weather it turned out to be very successful, again thanks to all of you. The clouds even broke enough to allow for a very decisive battle between the Germans on one side and the Russians and Canadians on the other. While the Russians desparetely tried to hold the line, all lost their lives as the Germans managed to break through. The allied Canadian re-inforcement came through a well hidden trench system and quickly captured them all.

Many thanks to anyone who supplied pictures. If you have some please forward them to us via email

Available vehicles all nicely lined up.
Despite the weather all vehicles were allowed outside.
Forground jeep found a home in Markham, the one behind will be going to Burlington. This one is almost finished and will be returning to the beach soon.
Just awaiting their turn!
Apparently Markus has come up with a new MB model although it looks kinda like a forklift to me!
We had another historic display in the white building.
Chris and Trish showed off their re-enactment display of the French-Napoleon 7th Husars.
In preparation for the battle everyone get ready, set, GGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
These Russsians (Jim B.)are quite fierce and they don't die easily even if shot at with a cannon!
Left: Peter W. in Canadian Perth Uniform capturing Markus S. in German Summer Uniform Right: In the foreground Markus, the captured, in the background Jules G. in Canadian dark green Perth Uniform.
But at the end of the day all must end well, the Allies have done their job,
the war is over, the cannon is kapputt and the Germans are captured.
What?? Someone said: "Dinner is served"!!Schnell, schnell, to the barracks!!
We look forward to having everyone over again next year:
August 08, 2009 for our 10th anniversary open house! See you soon.